Natalie Wright 

Founder and Director

Registered Midwife, BHSc, ECE


Natalie Wright is a Registered Canadian Midwife. Her career in maternity care started whe she was working at a shelter for teen mothers, as an Early Childhood Educator. She discovered that she not only enjoyed working with the children but found she enjoyed working directly with the mothers. Shortly after, she became a professional labour support person, primarily for teen women. This resulted in an invitation to work with a hospital based Doula Program in Toronto. It was while working within this hospital environment that she decided to enter the Midwifery Profession. After almost 20 years since she decided to become a midwife, she has focused her work in rural Ontario, Canada, where she feels there is a great need for maternity care providers. 


Natalie also has a passion for travel. It started when she was young, as she had lived in 3 different countries by the time she was 18 months old. This love of travel paired with the art of midwifery has led her to visit many countries, work with international Midwives and Traditional Birth Attendants and witness birth in many communities around the world. 

It was with this passion for midwifery and the desire to address the urgent need for maternity care providers in developing countries, that prompted her to establish Wakunga in 2010.  



Tiffany Pattison-Pratt 

Vice President


Tiffany has a long standing professional career in Health Care that started with an education in Network Administration where she graduated with Honours from the Toronto School of Business in 2000. She has worked in various health care settings as a Medical Secretary at the Simcoe Manor - Home for the Aged, and as Office Managers and Bookeepers for Obstetricains, General Surgeons and Midwifery Practices. She brings to Wakunga a deep understanding of issues within Maternity care. She also has a strong business mind, is dedicated to detail and balances this business savvy with a warm personality and great sense of humour. 


Ann Jackson



Ann is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in helping people become more fit and is co-owner of Thrive Fitness Studio, a boutique-style gym in her local town. Ann has a passion for creating a healthy, fun and nurturing atmosphere for her clients. 

With a specific focus on women’s health and as the former Executive Director of Girls on the Run Simcoe County, a program focusing on self-esteem and body image using running as a tool to connect with girls in grades 3 through 8, Ann brings her non-profit expertise and knowledge to Wakunga.

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been an important part of Ann’s life. She has completed numerous running and endurance events including the Boston Marathon and the Subaru Duathlon Series. When she is not riding her road bike or running local trails, Ann spends her down time reading, cooking and enjoying life with her two teen-age daughters. 

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Lisa Foden

UK Representative


Lisa, of LCYOGA, is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and is based in North Wales, United Kingdom. She offers Yoga Workshops, Weekly Classes, Private Tuition, Personal Development, Festivals and Retreats throughout the UK. 

She has been teaching Yoga for almost 15 years and specialzes in Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kundilini, Nada Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama. LIsa provides an excellent supportive environment in which to develop the practice of Yoga. 

Lisa shares her dedication of a healthy and balanced lifestyle with Wakunga and believes that a healthy lifestyle is especially important for women in their reproductive years.

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