Water Tanks


The money you donate will also buy large water tanks to harvest rain water. On average women must walk 5km to collect water from a communal well, every day. Personal water tanks ensure accessible clean water for drinking, for births and also as a source of income. One 10,000 litre tank, enough for a small family, costs $1500 CAD. Having personal water sources means girls spend less time traveling to get water and more time in school.


BIrth Kits


Traditional Birth Attendants rarely have any special equipment for births. They may use and reuse a knife or stone to cut the cord. String to tie the cord and a cloth to catch the baby. Your dontations would help them buy clean birth kits which will include disposable gloves and razor blades, soap, and a plastic sheet for the delivery. Each kit costs $5 CAD.



Maternal and Neonatal death rates drop when women seek out the care of a trained Birth Attendant. Your donation of $250 CAD will provide a 5 day certification course for one TBA. Courses will be provided up to 4 times per year. These regular training schedules help the health literacy of the TBAs and subsequently the mothers they serve. 



Mobile phones are an essential piece of equipment, especially in rural areas. They are used to contact a TBA when a women is in labour, a TBA will use them to contact a driver to take a woman to a hospital and they have been used as a method of communicating antenatal education to women. For $30 CAD your donation will provide a new cell phone and sim card.



Transportation is one of the major barriers to accessing emergency obstretrical care. Living in very rural areas makes transportation very difficult and in areas it is impossible to travel by car. Money donated can be used for either a bicycle or motorcycle ambulance - depenidng on community need. 



In time, when enough donations are received we plan to build a pharmacy. The pharmacy will sell birth kits, anti-hemorrhagics and other supplies. The land has already been donated by one one of the TBAs and is ready for building. 

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